About Us

Catvertise is active in every conceivable situation and production as animal casting agency. Whether you’re looking for a cat as a lead character, or just a bird as decoration, Catvertise has the right animal for the job.

You are looking for an animal as a 'model' or 'actor' for your production, whether for photography, commercials, TV productions, films, theater or visual arts, Catvertise can save you a lot of time and effort. Catvertise is a professional animal-casting agency, which has been successfully training  cats, dogs, and other animals  since 1985.

Animals that assist Catvertise are both registered and screened for socialisation, are not stressed and feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations. When applying to Catvertise,  clear expectations and possibilities are discussed thoroughly -  then the right animal gets chosen for the job.. During the production of the show, both the owner and the animal handler are present at the protection, to care and accompany the animal.

Sabine van der Helm
Animal Handler & Licensed Veterinary Assistant - Diploma Competence Dog and Cat Degree
Founder of Catvertise


For castings:
Register: info@catvertise.nl

When can I register my animal at Catvertise?
You can only register your animal at the casting day as long as you had direct e-mail contact with Catvertise.

Think about this before you enroll your pet: If you want to register an animal Catvertise, the animal must be well socialised at a variety of locations to feel at ease and not be stressed. There are exceptions for certain types of animals. Dogs are expected to listen carefully!   Furthermore, Catvertise would like to receive information about living environment, dealing with children and other animals, courses taken, gender, age etc.

When can my animal be a model or be chosen for a commercial, TV series or movie?
There's no answer. Catvertise consults with the clients about what they are looking for and what is expected. Catvertise then gives advice, but ultimately the client always has the last word.

About the casting day

Each animal is photographed in different poses by photographer Edwin de Jongh and then registered with Catvertise. The costs are € 30.00 and € 15.00 for one animal for each additional animal of the same owner. We will take about half an hour's time. Three photos will be selected, and those will be published on the website in approximately two weeks.


Contact for companies

Catvertise Animal Handling
Sabine van der Helm
Leidsekade 67
1016 DA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Mobile: +31 6 2501 0523
office: +31 20 624 3996
email: info@catvertise.nl